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About The Shaping Academy
The Shaping Academy is not your average ABA Company. We provide individual interventions that are best suited for your family and are the most effective for your child. We not only reduce undesirable behaviors, but we increase desirable ones. Our goal is to SHAPE behaviors until the desired outcome is achieved. Our vast knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis allows us to provide effective interventions to help a variety of individuals. We have experience in everything from Developmental Disabilities, Conduct Disorders, ADHD, Autism, Phobias, Anxiety as well as general behavioral concerns. We make sure the family is actively involved in the process, so we increase our chances for success! Our ultimate goal is for your family to be able to function without our assistance one day.
Our Mission
To create a environment where:

- Every interaction is aimed at teaching a lesson
- Therapist can be observed playing with students during playtime with goals aimed at teaching social skills such as sharing, turn taking, and functional communication
- Children’s goals are individualized and therapy is done at their level while still giving them that extra push
- We teach to fluency, by using Errorless learning thus making mistakes less likely to occur in the future
- Positive reinforcement is done with the purpose of fostering pride in their work and increasing self-esteem
- Attention to details is key to effective learning
- Teaching independence is the ultimate goal